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WHEN THE CATS COME - a proven solution to empower our youth

Theatre Audition
Location: Atlanta
Payment is available for this project.
(Rates and Compensation will be agreed upon prior to any and all shows. There is No pay or compensation for rehearsal time, only for completed performances. Pay and compensation is based on venue size, as well as experience. Our base pay per actor, per show: starts at $50 and ranges to over $150. We are building a collective of quality and talented Actors, Singers, Writers, and Creative Thinkers... Once we reach our projected number, we will lock the group until further notice. But those of you who get selected will receive priority casting and the opportunity to be selected for roles, before a general casting is needed.)

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Casting / Audition Details:

This is a true story about a young man who always knew that he had a purpose in life. But he had no idea how God would use him to change the lives of other young men like himself. After being told that he would not live to see his 18th Birthday…. Oshund began a quest to live with purpose, verses the life of violence that surrounded him and his friends. In Oshund’s world, he had to learn people skills at a young age, younger than most. A Gift he soon discovers, will alter the life of almost 250 of his peers.


This production will show you the challenges that many black youth face to be accepted in society. This production will also give affective, proven SOLUTIONS that made positive changes in the minds of these same young, confused, but gifted black youth. Teaching them to use their gifts and talents, helped to influence changes in their community and ultimately altering their Destiny.


So come with us as we walk you through TRUE encounters that affected positive change in the life of one young man, who wanted a better life for his friends, through making better choices for himself. You will understand the meaning behind the title “When the Cats Come”

Character Breakdown:

Character Breakdowns

Oshund (Leader/Student Activist/Son)

(African American male – able to pass for high school student)

Very ambitious and extremely talented young man. Oshund has a true passion for reading and an undeniable ability for understanding human condition. Having taught himself to draw and play an instrument, he knows what it takes to rely on one’s own ability to grow. Oshund was also surrounded by people who are equally as talented but they did not have the same drive as he did. He would later inspire them to believe more in themselves, because he learned the power of belief. This makes him not only a good friend, but a perfect target for leadership… Oshund will soon discover the meaning of the words of his great grandfather “When the Cats Come

Paul (Leader/Parent/Security Guard)

(African American male. Age 35 and Older)

Paul is a very strong and stern individual. He has a commanding presence, and a spirit that will not waver to weakness. People instantly respect Paul because when he speaks to you, it’s as if he’s communicating directly to God through your soul. Eye contact, along with your ability to communicate are important traits for Paul, because these are principles he lives by. They are the very things he will soon discover, will alter the lives of almost 250 young black men. Paul is a necessary link in the chain of change in these young men’s lives.

Mr. Hardy (Leader/Guidance Counselor)

(African American/Spanish male. Age 35 and Older)

Mr. Hardy is the nucleus that keeps everyone together. He is the voice of reason, the voice of reality and he is also the voice of right verses wrong. People find it easy to share things with Mr. Hardy because of his profound way of carefully choosing every word that he speaks. It’s his words that will ultimately change the hearts of two very important women, and the future of almost 250 young black men. Along with his ability to speak with clarity, he is a great listener. Mr. Hardy’s compassion for the hearts of people, allow his students to feel safe sharing personal information. This level of trust that’s built will create a bond that no weapon can penetrate.

Desi (Suicide Victim)

(African American/Spanish male – able to pass for high school student)

Desi is an extremely likeable guy, especially to the ladies. Very easy on the eyes, smooth talker, and the type of person that can sell anything to anyone. He has a look and a way with words that boarders the line of hypnotizing. With this fantastic personality, his choice to take his own life leaves the audience wondering why… through an interesting twist in the production, we hope to at least deal with this issue of suicide and its effect on our community. The candidate for this role, must fit this description perfectly in order for the words to successfully have the meaning that they do.

Travis (Street Specialist and friend of Oshund)

(African American male – age range of late teens to mid-twenties)

Travis is a young man who learns life through the eyes of the streets. Having gone from a life of money, endless opportunity, a loving family, plus respected in the community… to a life behind bars. This lifestyle change gives Travis a clear perspective of the language to use to teach his friends, his followers, and a few associates how not to choose the same path he has. Travis’ influence, is powerful. He has the ability to give a perspective that is totally unexpected. His loyalty to his family, puts him in a situation that forces him to make a choice. A choice that causes the loss of a life, and the gain of a life sentence. The ideal candidate for this role is someone a little rough around the edges, but extremely likeable and personable. Someone with a stern, but subtle toughness.

Phillip (Leader/Student Activist)

(African American male – able to pass for high school student)

Phil would be considered by most as the life of the party. Not because he’s loud or anything like that, but probably because of his witty ability to make people smile and laugh. You will never catch Phil in a down mood. It goes against everything he believes in. Phil is that person you always want on your team when it comes to sports or playing cards. He will definitely throw everyone off their game, to work to his home team advantage. The role of Phil is crucial, simply because you learn the value and healing power of laughter. As well as how leaving a lasting impression on someone, can cause them to overcome fear or avoid pain… because they can hear a voice telling them something that either made them laugh or caused them to smile. Phil is that voice. The ideal candidate for this role, is an individual with impeccable comedic timing, a great personality, and a smiles that fills the room.


(African American male. Age 35 and Older)

There is a scene with an uncut conversation between a Father and his Son. The monologue that is produced from this key transformational conversation, is that of fantastic importance to this production. The role of this Father, is probably the most important component to the script, and by far, the single most important moment in this production. The ideal candidate for this role, most be a man of values, one of discipline, and one of stern posture for the words he speaks to have any real meaning. This role is isolated for an individual understanding the importance of family, culture and history.

Dr. Sears (High School Principal)

(African American female)

There is a scene with an uncut conversation between Dr. Sear and Mr. Hardy that sets the tone for how she plans to run her school. The monologue that is produced from this key transformational conversation, is that of fantastic importance to this production. The role of Dr. Sears, is an absolute key component to the storyline and script, and by far, the single most controversial role in this production. The ideal candidate should know this about Dr. Sears; she is a woman of super strong values, one of stern unwavering discipline, and one with a passion for upholding the law. This role is ideal for an individual understanding the importance for Rules, Penalties for choices, and maintaining order amid chaos. Dr. Sears is no nonsense.

Cherese (Best friend and Sister to Oshund)

(African American female – able to pass for high school student)

Cherese is the nucleus that keeps everyone together. She is strong and stern, but yet extremely fragile. Cherese lost two very important men in her life. Natural causes is one that claimed the life of her father, but when you have an older brother that you look up to, respect and admire – to have him take his own life; this is the unanswered burden she carries. Cherese keeps herself together through staying busy, staying active, and keeping Oshund and Phil out of trouble. But one day… a close friend reveals the truth of her brothers’ death. This truth, will have an effect on Cherese, that will not only bring her to her knees, but sets her emotion longing for her brother… right in front of the entire audience and leaves us all in tears.


Tangy (Close friend of Cherese/Ex-girlfriend to Oshund)

(African American/Spanish female – able to pass for high school student)

Tangy is a very loving and loyal person with a big heart. She has a great overall spirit, and a smile that makes your day better. But something happened to Tangy that caused an unresolved, emotional breakup with Oshund that leaves him wondering and asking questions. Tangy has a Monologue/Confession that creates an unexpected shift in the texture of the entire production. Tangy exposes a secret that could cost her her life. But she sees the pain her dear friend Cherese is going through, and decides to risk it all. This role is ideal for someone who’s willing to tap into their core and go to an emotional place. This role will definitely stretch you as an artist, and challenge you as an Actor. We will make sure of it… your delivery of her monologue/confession, will & must be nothing short of amazing.

Kyida (Close friend of Cherese)

(African American/Spanish female – able to pass for high school student)

Kyida is the younger of her friends, but she has an internal strength that makes her stronger than most her age. Kyida is very aware of who she is and extremely proud of her African Heritage. She exposes those around her the power one gets from knowing where they come from, their true self. Kyida found her lineage to be connected to the KhoiKhoi Tribe of women located near South Africa. This knowledge is all she will need to fuel her fire to educate others to celebrate the Essence of being a Goddess, and keeper of the KhoiKhoi. Kyida is that voice we hear, when courage grabs our hand, and introduces us to its dear friend destiny.

Mrs. McGrew (High School Faculty Member)

(African American female)

Mrs. McGrew is liked by all, because she’s a great listener, very supportive, and has a way of organizing thoughts into practical application. Her warm spirit and personality make her the perfect candidate to deliver pressing information in a way that is easily digestible. Mrs. McGrew is pressed between doing what she knows is right to affect the life of her students, and doing what’s right to make the school a safer place to teach. This could mean losing a few of her students to prison or to street violence. A choice she wishes not to be faced with. Mrs. McGrew is the bridge that brings everyone together, she in the voice of peace.

Character Rundown

Oshund – High school Student

Cherese – High school Student

Phil – High school Student

Mr. Hardy – High School Guidance Counselor (30+ years of age)

Dr. Sears – High School Principle (30+ years of age)

Mrs. McGrew – High School Faculty (30+ years of age)

Paul – High School Security Personnel (30+ years of age)

Pops – Oshund’s Father (30+ years of age)

Tangy – High School Student

Kyida – High School Student

Desi – Teenage Suicide Victim

Travis – Teenage Street Pharmacist


Times, dates & locations:

Sunday October 15, 2017

2pm to 6pm


3300 Highlands Parkway

Smyrna, Georgia 30082

For more information:

Casting Director



As part of the audition process, we require the following items:

Come prepared with a (1-2) minute MONOLOGUE

A hard copy of your HEADSHOT

A hard copy of your Resume



City: Atlanta
Submission Deadline: October 16, 2017
Contact Name: Durrell Daniels
Send Message: Contact Durrell Daniels

Submit your resume and headshot!

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