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Superstar Dreamz: LIVE

Theatre Audition
Location: Atlanta
Payment is available for this project.
(There is a stipend of $50- $150 for lead roles to be paid show night. Pending skill level and provided there is no additional training needed in the areas of voice, dance or acting.)

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Casting / Audition Details:

Chatter and anticipation fill the halls as the students of Dreamz Academy prepare for the school’s biggest music showcase of the year but for quirky, mistreated Harley Thompson, socialite/snob Melody Paris, misunderstood bad boy Jomockio Jones, and resident bully Khadijah Bryant, the deck seems to be stacked against them as they must face their own harsh realities while pursuing their dreams.

Character Breakdown:



JOMOCKIO JONES (lead): (age: 16)- Popular for his amazing vocal prowess and bad-boy persona, Jomockio (Joe or Jo) is one of Dreams Academy’s rising superstars. With an absentee father and need to fill his shoes, he is torn between street life and the stage. Role type: Co-Lead



MELODY PARIS ROUSSEAU (lead): (age: 16) --Rich, spoiled, self-centered, bitchy leader of Dreamz Academy’s notoriously arrogant, rich clique-- “The Bliss Clique”. While much of her identity is tied up into her glamorous life, Melody has big dreams of becoming the next superstar. Role type: Co-Lead



KHADIJAH BRYANT: (age: 16/17)-Dreams Academy’s Resident Bully. She is the leader and driving force behind her 4-member bullying crew, “Pretty Riot”. With dreams of being famous one day for her powerfully gifted voice, she lacks the support and confidence to fulfill her dreams. Role type: Co-Lead



CASSIUS QUINCY: (age: 17) - Better known as “CASH”, the bad boy from California who was sent by his mother to live with his aunt in Atlanta, while Cash is a talented dancer/rapper, he often got caught up in the street life back home. Role type: Supporting



ANTONIO DAWSON:(age:16)-An extremely handsome, charismatic and talented rising star. He is somewhat self-centered and popular with the girls but never let’s his short comings interfere with his rise to fame. Always with his guitar, singing about love, he is is determined to sing himself all the way to Stardom! Role type: Supporting



BRIAN MATHEWS: (17 yrs. old) - Better known as “Breeze”. Creative, music producer extraordinaire, sees himself at the top of the music game….level headed, focused and on a mission to become the next big thing. Role type: Supporting



HARLEY MICHAELS: (age: 15/16)- The “New Girl” at Dreams Academy. Though introverted, Harley is still very friendly and quirky, and has a niche in fashion design and music. Creating her own trends, she has high hopes of becoming a fashion designer but finds herself bullied by Dreams Academy’s notoriously terrorizing bully clique, “Pretty Riot”.  Role type: Supporting



MS. GUTRUDE BLAYLOCK: (age: early 60’s) – Quirky, kind-hearted teacher who loves and cares deeply about her students. She wants them all to do well and reach their potential.  Even though she is in her 60’s, she tries to keep up with the latest lingo and fashion trends, which is pure comedy for her students. Role type: Supporting



DAZZLE McQueen: (age 16-17) 1/5 of the popular and rich “Bliss Clique” at Dreamz Academy. Gay, bold, daring and Flamboyant, he is a self-proclaimed black woman trapped in a white boy’s body. Best friend to the Melody Paris, he always tells it like it is with spunk and flair. Role type: Supporting



YAYA: (age: 11/12) - Leader of the Teeny bopping, gossiping trio, “The Chat Pack”. Sassy and precocious, knowledgeable and nosy, she needs to know everything about everything. She lives on the internet and gets all of her information off social media. Role type: Supporting



BYRON: (age: 15) A part of Dreamz Academy’s nerdy trio, The Schoolboy Scholars. Bryon is the leader of his canny crew with an overflow of confidence and quick-witted charm. He is a repeated winner of the state-wide science fair and has an inflated ego. Role type: Supporting

BEYONKA BLACKWELL: (age 16)- Self assured, afro-centric student at Dreamz Academy. She is assertive, fair minded and smart. Beyonka is supportive, understanding and comes to the rescue of her classmates who are victims of bullying. She also unwillingly finds herself in the middle of a love triangle. Role type: Supporting






Times, dates & locations:





City: Atlanta
Submission Deadline: November 30, 2018
Contact Name: Tameko Star
Send Message: Contact Tameko Star

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