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Monologues : Sophistry

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Title: Sophistry
Source/Author: Jonathan Marc Sherman
Background: Robin, the college valedictorian, has just found out that not only is her boyfriend Xavier been having an affair with another girl, he sent her flowers. She feels insulted and betrayed, and in this scene, she loses it.

Monologue: Where were you? You weren't at dinner. You said we'd talk at dinner. You weren't there. It's supposed to mean Sharon's mouth is big. It's supposed to mean you shouldn't send tangible items if you don't want to get caught, that's what it's supposed to mean. You gave her flowers. She's telling people you gave her flowers. I mean, enough that you're having an affair with the stupidest person on this campus, but you're sending her things you're not even sending me. I'm not even asking for exclusivity here, I'm asking for equality. She gets flowers, the least you could have done was send me some flowers. Not that anything would have been excused, but do you know how low it makes me feel? Are you aware? You sent the tramp flowers, Ex. You went into town and gave money to a florist so your little affair could smell flowers. How thoughtful! You should have called me. Perhaps I could have picked out some roses and delivered them for you personally, if I happened to be in the right mood, in the floral spirit, as it were. I've had enough of this *. Yes, I know, I asked for it, I do deserve some of it because I tolerated it, I allowed it, I ignored it, but there are limits. You've pulled off some incredible stunts during this relationship, gotten away with some extraordinary garbage, and I want to be the first to congratulate you, you do the scumbag thing extremely well. But I will no longer be a segment of your vicious circle. I don't fit. I can't even look at myself in the mirror, because when I do, all I can see are flowers, somebody else's flowers. You've gotten a lot of mileage on just a few drops of romance very early on. I'm a sucker. But the tank is empty. Enough of this. I can't do it. Enough. This monologue was reproduced from

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