Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 147 cm
Age Range: Late 20's, 30's
Body Type: Slim
Ethnicity: African American
Audio Reel:
Film Reel:
Commercial Reel:
Film & TV:


Muse     Tameka Daniels (supporting) Nakia Stephes


Atlanta Law Diner Patron

The Have and The Have Nots (Background Extra) Tyler Perry Studios/ OWN Network





'Saints on Trial' (Mother Nobody) Remnant Center, GA-Continues to run

'The Best Lesson' (Charmayne)- Atlanta Black Theatre Festival

'Life as a Teenager' (Sierra)-Bethal Baptist Church, GA

'Samson's Way' (Coco) Remnant Center, GA

'Mirror Inspiration'  (Multi-casted) Southwest Arts Theatre, GA

'God Help Me, But Here He Comes again’   (Nurse Gwen) 

 14th Street Playhouse, GA

 Skills and Abilities
Acting Age Range: TV: 27-37 Stage: Late teens and older Bicycling, Hula Hoop, Roller Skate, Jump Rope, Dance
Accents and Dialects:
 Training and Studies
* Jemal McNeil Character Development Monologue Development-Chris Scott Auditioning Skills- Chris Scott Premier Actors� Network- Mr. Dwayne Boyd �Instructor *Continuous training includes but not limited to: Scene Study Character Creation Improv Monologue-BluePrint 4 Hollywood- Mr. Robert Connor -Instructor Technique- BluePrint 4 Hollywood- Mr. Robert Connor -Instructor Scene Study- BluePrint 4 Hollywood-Mr. Robert Connor-Instructor
2014 Workshops Charmin Lee- Nail The Audition *Mastering the audition Actors Workshop-MDGP Productions * Acting techniques The Breakdown Actor's Workshop-Jemal McNeil *Acting Techniques Improv Workshop-Dorian Santiago *Improv Connextions Workshop-Robert Connor *Audition Prep Tommy Ford Workshop *Scene Study Donal Gray Workshop *Acting Techniques 2013 Workshops TSAW- Tasha Smith Actor's Workshop-Monologue Breakdown/Scene Study Scene Study- Tommy Ford Workshop Character Creation- Mr. Dwayne Boyd "Adapt it Mentally"- Mr. Donald Gray-Instructor "The Complete Process"- Mr. Donald Gray "Make Acting BelievableII"-Mr. Donald Gray 2012 Workshops TSAW-Tasha Smith Actor's Workshop �Make Acting Believable�- Mr. Donald Gray �Make the Moment Real�- Mr. Donald Gray
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