Willie M. Smith, II
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 185 cm
Age Range: Late 20's, 30's, 40's
Body Type: Fit
Ethnicity: African American
Audio Reel:
Film Reel:
Commercial Reel:
Film & TV:


OWN NETWORK (Season 3-EP5 ) Triumph church goers

Background-Church parking lot scene

CAB Castings, LLC.





Being Mary Jane (Season 4) May 2017

Fetured Extra- Neighborhood Park Party Scene


Survivors Remorse (Season 4) March 2017

Featured- Corrections Officer/Jail visitation scene


Survivors Remorse (Season 3) Febuary 2016

Featured - Funeral scene/After Party scene


Tyler Perry's House Of Payne (Season 6)- December 2011

Casino Scene                     Featured: Woodchuck member (Chucktations)


Momemts Of Love In Ancient Egypt-

(FEBUARY 2015, August 2016).          

 VOICEOVER (King Dumah, Ezri, 5th Elder) Nichel Anderson-Director


Drop Dead Diva (April 2009) Woodridge Productions Josh Berman-Producer, Frank Cappra III- Director  Role: Courtroom Balliff


Madea Goes to Jail (May 2008) Lionsgate Films (Tyler Perry-Director)                                Role: TV news cameraman


Intimate Game (June 2007)  Mystar Entertainment                         Role: Blake Conner, Club Owner


 Bobbi Million Presents..... (December 2008)  Beneath The Surface(Snipet)                                   Pastor in Barber Shop




No Shells (January 2017) Jackie Boatwright-Director

Featuerd- John


For His Glory (2015)

Shandria Sanchez Writer/Director

Featured Role: Pastor Do Right


Beneath The Surface (June 2008)                                                     Keon Marcel-Wrirer/Directorctor                                            Role: Church Pastor


Mama Peavey presents: Lies and Ledgends of Worldly People, GA (June 2009)

Mary Rose Butler Producer/Director   Roles: Pastor Pimp-Lead, Fred-Featured (Sunday Morning), Security For Talk Show- Extra, Choir Rehersal- Extra


 Special Effects Stages(July 2009) Universal Studios-Los Angeles, CA    

Role: Featured- Voice-Over Sound Stage


 Peach Cobbler (Sept 2009)  Keon Marcell Writer/Director      

 Role: Uncle Will




Commercials and Industrials:

Unusual Suspects (March 2008) Jason Perry, Director                  Role: Police Officer

Torn (March 2008)                     Daniel Naha-veevalu- Director     Role: Uncle Taz, Crime Boss

 The Fuss (Feb 2009) Brad Meyer, Director  AIA Films      Role: Todd, Confidant





CONFFESION SERIES- Confessions of a Church Stalker

BOOK By Apryl Bennings-Butler (2014)

FERRARI PROMO- Gotham Dream Cars (Nov. 2014)

 Skills and Abilities
Accents and Dialects:
British, Spanish, Italian
 Training and Studies
A Place to Start (September 2006 - April 2007) Douglas Hodge, Debra Calloway Duke and Tony Vaughn - Facilitators
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 Email Address: Deeksmith2@Gmail.com

Photographs by T & C Photograghy (678) 463 7171


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