Cherish Cullins
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 170 cm
Age Range: Early 20's, Late 20's, 30's
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: African American
Audio Reel:
Film Reel:
Commercial Reel:
Film & TV:

Scary   Feel’n

Det.   Alexis Wright (Supporting)

Cinema   City Pictures

The   Anatomy of Love

Ginger   (Featured)

Way-Younge   Productions


Susie (Principle)

Life Theatre

A   Friendly Affair

Maggie (Principle)

Mohua   G. Thakurta

Escort   Service

Ann   (Principle)

Orlando   Condo


Alyssa (Supporting)

Fool  Proof Productions

The  Walk

Jasmine   (Featured)

Jack  Spradling, NGA


Candice   (Featured)

Cinema  CityPictures

Issues   & Answers

Featured   Guest

Rev.   Ben Stellmacher

Premiere   Access

Featured   Co-Host

Film Productions, Inc.

WHO'S   ATLANTA? Episode 7 (2011)

Dr.   Jones (Co-Star)

Genesis Media Productions

WHO'S   ATLANTA? Episode 6 (2011)

Dr.   Jones (Co-Star)

Genesis Media Productions

The   Spot: Episode 1_Stuck On Broke

Host   (Principle)

People   TV

All   Axxess Atlanta Television (AAATV): MOLIAE

Host   (Principle)

Film   Productions, Inc

AAATV:   Atlanta Roller Girls

Host   (Principle)

Film   Productions, Inc

AAATV:   Spice Up the Runway Part II

Host   (Principle)

Film   Productions, Inc

AAATV:   Spice Up the Runway  Part I

Host   (Principle)

Film   Productions, Inc

AAATV:   2012 Special Edition

Host   (Principle)

Film   Productions, Inc

Healing   100 Hearts In 100 Days

Cast   Member (Principle)

Goldfire   Productions

Eye   On The Community:

Brian   Scott Segment

Host   (Principle)

People   TV

Eye   On The Community:

College   Park Films Segment

Host   (Principle)

People   TV

Big Beast (Killer Mike, Bun-B, Trouble & T.I.)

Damsel   In Distress (P.O.C)

CFilms   One


All For Charity

Delilah (Co-Star)

7 Stages Theater

Barefoot In The Park

Corie (Lead)

Life Theatre

What   A Man Wants May Not Be What A Man Needs

Karma   (Lead)

Rockdale Auditorium

At  The Window

Nikki   (Lead)

The Eyedrum Theater

The   Eyes Of The Storm

Carla   "The Conspiracy Theorist" (Supporting)

14th Street Playhouse, Carver Theater, Saenger Theater

The   Eyes Of The Storm

Camille   "The Drag Queen" (Supporting)

14th Street Playhouse, Carver Theater, Saenger Theater

Moments   of Love In Ancient Egypt (Episode 1)

Zani   (Supporting)

14th Street Playhouse

Lady   Poets of the World

Spoken   Word Artist (Co-Lead)

Alumni Hall Theater




Commercials and Industrials:

Electric   Power Board

Diner   (Principle/P.O.C.)

Atomic   Films, Inc.

InQuicker  MCCG

Wife   (Principle/P.O.C.)

Atomic   Films, Inc.




LA Productions


Regions Bank

 Under-Banked Customer

 Haigwood Studios


 Skills and Abilities
Adapts well to most sports activities, works well with children and animals. Some Dialects (dialect coach available). Experienced in Art (Drawing, Graphic Design), Directing, Editing, Public Speaking, Singing, Basic Swimming, and Teaching.
Accents and Dialects:
English, New York, Southern
 Training and Studies
Masters Class: Scene Study, Improvisation, Audition, Set Etiquette Greg Alan Williams Artist to Artist Mastery Alliance Theatre Clayton Landey Advanced Scene Study Alliance Theatre Sharon Foote "No Deny" Improv Comedian Rodney Perry Acting Technique, Auditioning, VO Chantell Christopher Acting I Tim Keith Acting II Phillip Depoy Acting for the Camera Sheldon Schiffer Acting Styles Dr. Shirlene Holmes Directing Dr. Frank Miller Voice Ebony Childs Belly Dance/Hip Hop Dance 101
Acting On Camera Alliance Theatre, Sharon Foote Actors Film Camp Chantell Christopher Commercial Workshop Don Slaton Introduction to Teleprompting TAG Business of Teleprompting TAG
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