Riley Brock
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 183 cm
Age Range: Late Teen, Early 20's, Late 20's
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Audio Reel:
Film Reel:
Commercial Reel:
Film & TV:
  • Workaholics- Big J (2012)(1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Dora the Explorer- Tree(voice)(2012) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Californication- Young Hobo(2012) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies- Soldier Zombie(2012)
  • The Three Stooges- Party Guest(2012)
  • Jayne Mansfield's Car- Police Officer(2012)
  • Homeless- Mean Guy/Actual Homeless Man(short)(2011)
  • The Walking Dead- Walker(2012) (1 episode)
  • CSI: NY- Paramedic(2011)(1episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Slice 2- Smiley(2011) (as Riley Brock)
  • Slice- Smiley(2011) (as Riley Brock)
  • The Suite Life on Deck- Channing(2011) (2 episodes)(as Riley Brock)
  • Hannah Montana- Cousin Carter(2007/2011)(2 episodes)(as Riley Brock)
  • The Hard Times of RJ Berger- Logan(2010)(1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • iCarly- Miles(2010) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Dance of the Dead- Zombie/Prom Student(2008)
  • Trailer Park Boys- Robby(2007) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Juvies- Brody(2007) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • The Last Adam- Young Teen(2006)(uncredited) (as Riley Brock)
  • The Andy Milonakis Show- Alfalfa(2006) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Boiling Points- Self(2005) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • My Name is Earl- Football Player(2005)(1 episode) (as Riley Brock)
  • All That- Bubble Kid/Various(1994-2005)(17 episodes) (as Riley Brock)
  • Zoey 101- Student Radio DJ(2005) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Phil of the Future- Bert(2004) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Quintuplets- Bucky(2004) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Drake & Josh- Nick(2004) (3 episodes)(as Riley Brock)
  • Viva la Bam- Self(2004) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • The Wild Thornberrys- Child Lobster(voice)(2002) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • The Bernie Mac Show- Woody(2002) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Jackass- Self/Prankster(2001-2002) (5 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Saturday Night Live- Various/Bubble Kid(2001) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • The Amanda Show- Self/Audience Member(2001) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • The Rosie O'Donnell Show- Self/Guest(2001) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Nick News with Linda Ellerbee- Self(2000) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Double Dare 2000- Self/Contestant(2000) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd- Young Genius(1999) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • The Journey of Allen Strange- Michael(1999) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Kennan & Kel- Bubble Kid(1998) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Cousin Skeeter- Joey(1998) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • The Simpsons- Bubble Gump(voice)(1997) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Hey Arnold!- Pecan(voice)(1997) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Figure It Out- Self/Panelist(1997) (2 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Recess- Big Kid(voice)(1997) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Arthur- Riley(voice)(1996) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Barney & Friends- Roger(1995) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • Full House- Little Marky(1995) (1 episode)(as Riley Brock)
  • The Swimmer- Swimmer(2007)
  • Property Rites- Mike(2006)
  • The Right to Remain Silent- Reilly(2005)
  • A Midsummer Knight's Dream- Francis Flute/Thisby(2005)
  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight- Jester Tom(2004)
  • Murder Most Fowl- Leroy Framingham(2004)
Commercials and Industrials:
  • Awkward Questions 2-Prankster(2012)
  • Awkward Questions- Prankster(2012)
  • Hugging People....Again- Prankster(2012)
  • Hugging People- Prankster(2012)
  • How Bad Ass Are You- Bad Ass Guy(2012)
  • The Tooth Fairy is Real- Thug(2012)
  • Gansta's Paradise Parody -Rapper(2012)
  • Dear Luke- Mirrage(2012)
  • New Diet Patch- Diet Patch Reviewer(2012)
  • Driving & Rapping- Rapper(2012)
  • Evolving Entertainment- Crazy Dancer(2012)
  • Disappearing Dance- Crazy Dancer(2012)
  • Evolving Entertainment Q & A- Riley(2012)
  • Evolving Entertainment Update- Riley(2012)
  • The Young and the Hopeless- Eugene Walker(2011)
  • Wakeup Call II- Zeke(2011)
  • Wakeup Call- Zeke(2011)
  • Nightmare- Guy having Nightmare(2011)
  • Stripes- Stan(2007)
  • Friendly Fire- Ishmael(2007)
  • Elevator- The Killer(2007)
  • A Visit to Rome- Zombie(2007)
  • Saturday 13th- Victim(2006)
  • Spray- Spray Guy(2006)
  • Stupidness- Wonder Boy(2005)
  • Igor- Igor(2005)
  • Dead End- Riley(2005)
  • Atomic Dogg- Atomic Dogg(2005)
  • Art Class Sucks- Riley(2005)
  • Jester Man- Jester Man(2005)
  • K Mart Move E- Prankster(2005)
  • Oklahoma- Steven(2004)
 Skills and Abilities
Magic, Card Magic, Coin Magic, Close-up Magic, Army Veteran, Military gun training, Guitar, Ukulele, Driving Manual Transmission, Riding Bicycle, Football, Extreme Pogo Sticking.
Accents and Dialects:
 Training and Studies
 Further Information

Won the All Star Cast Award for the role of Mike in the play "Property Rites" in the Northwest Georgia Regional One Act Competition.

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