Nicole Axelrod
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Brown
Height: 173 cm
Age Range: Late Teen, Early 20's
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Audio Reel:
Film Reel:
Commercial Reel:
Film & TV:

Simon Maxwell: Interrogator, Supporting, Cecil Davis, Jr.

Shadow of Guilt, Lead, Robine Pictures

Faith Academy, Lead, Terriney TV

The Hanging Man, Lindie, Rogue Gypsy Films

Hobby Stop,  Principal,  Rannug Media

Life with Hope, Principal,

Demonica's Reign,  Principal,  Powerhouse Media

Innocent Intentions,  Supporting,  Gibbro Productions

I Promised,  Principal,  Perfect Wish Productions

The People on the Ground,  Supporting,  101 Pictures

Access Kids Atlanta,  Series Regular,  Jodi Friedman

Zombieween,  Supporting,  Wild Birds Productions

Playin' Church,  Series Regular,  Guthrie Entertainment

Anonymous,  Girl In Ice Cream Store,  Blake Michael Productions

H2:  Halloween 2,  Extra,  Dimension Films


Don't Be A Bully, Speak Up! Speak Out!,  Lead,  SUC, Inc.

Little Shop of Horrors, Ronnette, KMHS Theatre

Aida, Ensemble, KMHS Theatre

Into the Woods, Cinderella, S. Madsen

Willy Wonka, Jr,  Mr. Bucket,  Local

Snow White,  Doc,  JA Productions

The Wizard of Oz,  Munchkin,  JA Productions

FairyTale Courtroom,  Little Pig,  JA Productions                             

Commercials and Industrials:

Kroger, Principal, CB&S Advertising

Madagascar 3, Promo, Nickelodeon, Spots Films

Dale Earnhardt, Inc.,  Principal,  National

Rooms To Go Kids,  Principal,  Cannonball Productions

Zoe Myers Music Video, Principal, JME Films

Mobile Filmworks,  Principal,  DTMF Films, LLC

Pediatric Cancer Awareness PSA,  RedPill Productions,  Spokesperson

Bead Barrette,  34th and Askew Productions,  Principal

GA Youth Symphony Orchestra,  Encyclomedia Studios, Principal

C Rock,  Principal,  MyStiq Entertainment


Classroom Direct,  Catalog Model,  Quadras, Inc.  

Family Fun Magazine,  Principal,  Disney


 Skills and Abilities
Singing (Soprano) and harmonizing, Violin, Ukelele, Cheerleading, Tumbling.
Accents and Dialects:
 Training and Studies
Acting, Ted Brunetti -- Extreme Acting, Lynn Stallings, Atlanta Workshop Players -- Acting, Chez Studio, Sharon Lieblein -- Scene Study, Barbara Myers, Stars in Our Eyes, Inc., -- Improv., MyStiq Entertainment, Kim Davis -- Acting on Camera, Mass. Performing Arts Institute, Lorna Brunelle -- Private Coaching, BCA, Anastasia Barnes
Auditioning Workshop, kellyCASTING, Michael H. Cole, Kelly Tippens -- Acting, Chez Studio, Matt Fletcher -- Commercial, Expressions Theater, Don Slaton -- Audition, MyStiq Entertainment, Kim Davis
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