Lauren Jennings
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 172 cm
Age Range: Late Teen, Early 20's, Late 20's
Body Type: Slim
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Audio Reel:
Film Reel:
Commercial Reel:
Film & TV:

Love on the Rocks-Amber(lead)

Strangers with Faces-Lauren(lead)

Matchstick - Jolene

Bloated Minds- Doctor Jane Florence

Day of Vengeance -Sophia

A Cockroach Named Henry -Charley

Flowers for the Devil -April Carver


Wit- Student
A Mad Breakfast-Ms. Brown (supporting)
A Marvelous Playbill-Dona Marta

Commercials and Industrials:

Stokke Furniture, Dashbike


Atlanta Bride and Groom Planner - Bride

Urban Mainstream - Cover Model

 Skills and Abilities
Painting/drawing, improvisation, good with children and animals, distance running, wardrobe styling, and makeup
Accents and Dialects:
 Training and Studies
MHC Studio - Michael Cole, Creative Studios of Atlanta - Dave Pileggi
 Represented By:
Avery Sisters Entertainment

Phone: (678) 526-2600
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