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Christie Vozniak

 About Christie
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Brown
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 52 kgs
Age Range: Early 20's, Late 20's
Body Type: Fit
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: Decatur, Georgia
Web Site:
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Film & TV:

Maiden to Monster             Stheno and Euryale  New Puppet Order
                                                                      Darrell Hazelrig, dir
Good Grief Suicide Hotline       Jessie (S)           Stone Carter Media
UnCommon Law                     Melissa (P)         Cold Siiver Films            
                                                                     Brian Work, dir.
Trunk                                    Girl (P)               Campus Movie Fest
                                                                     Darrell Hazelrig, dir.
The Little Death                      Lisiska (P)          Livin' Man Productions
                                                                      Bret Wood, dir.
The Signal            Terminal Station Announcer   Media vs. Media
                                                                      David Bruckner, dir.
Getting into College:               Theatre Geek      Cheveyo Entertainment
The Movie                                                       Kathryn Beane, dir                                                                
Thirty-three                             Laney (P)          Parker Davidson, dir.
Song for Robbie Miller               Casey (P)         Evil Edison Productions
                                                                      Sean Bates, dir.
Thesis Film                             Sophie Legette   Ron Demarse, dir.
Disclosures                             Ginger (P)          Sheldon Schiffer, dir.
Fixing a Hole                           Abby (P)            Adam K. Thompson, dir.
Psychopathia Sexualis             Dream Woman    Livin' Man Productions
                                                                      Bret Wood, dir. 

UnCanny X-Men                     Mary Margaret      Robert Keith Brooks, dir



A Sunday Afternoon                 Jenny Anderson     Ansley Park Playhouse
at Loehmann's                                                    John Gibson, dir.
Woyzeck Atlanta                      Katey                    Andrew Simon, dir.
Good Person of Szechwan         Shen Te,et. al        PushPush Theater
                                                                          Tim Habeger, dir.
The Inspector General:            Liz Chinsky             PushPush Theater
Re-Imagined                                                        Tim Habeger, dir.                                             
The Complete Lost Works         Voice for                 Collective Works
of Samuel Beckett                    "Not Me"                Steven Westdahl, dir 
The Bald Soprano                     Mary                      Metropolis Theater
                                                                           Prodon Dimov, dir.
Animal Farm                            Mollie, et al            Jack in the Black Box
                                                                          Jon Tyler Owens, dir
Camino Real                            Streetcleaner          PushPush Theater
                                                                           Tim Habeger/
                                                                           Jason Nodler

*- The Bald Soprano also performed in Russia at the Theatre Kolesco.


Reasons to be Pretty               Steph                       Pinch n Ouch Theater
A Day of Murders in the
History of Hamlet                    Ophelia                     7 Stages/
                                                                             Emory University
                                                                             Theirry dePetteri, dir.
Elfriede Jelinek Readings       "I Want to be
                                            Shallow"                     PushPush Theater
Autopsy                               Woman, Femme Fatale  PushPush Theater

Commercials and Industrials:


Abadabas                 High School Girl (P)          Media vs. Media       
                                                                     David  Bruckner, dir.

 Skills and Abilities
Accents and Dialects:
 Training and Studies
TRAINING Pinch n' Ouch Theater Meisner Acting Class with Grant McGowen 2012-current
Alliance Theater Workshop on David Mamet's Practical Aesthertics with Joe Gfaller 2009
7Stages Beckett Workshop with Walter Asthmus 2007
Out of Hand Theater Physical Theater Bootcamp 2005-2007
Savage Tree Arts Acting Workshops with Prodon Dimove 2006
PushPush Theater Acting/Administrative Internship (2004) and Workshops 2004-2007
Circle in the Square Theater School Summer Acting Program 2004
HB Studio Acting Workshop with Uta Hagan and Classes with Edward Morehouse

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