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Non Union Film Audition
Location: Atlanta
Payment is deferred for this project.
(Upon the completion of funding for the project specific payment will be determined for Principal actors.)

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Casting / Audition Details:

Changes is a drama that follows a group of individuals all going through different Changes at pivotal times in their life’s.  The film starts off the murder of a young black kid and the challenges his mother faces dealing with his death. You then transition to meet a young African American district attorney Ryan Beal at a time when he’s just tried the biggest civil rights case in Atlanta since the civil rights movement.  While also at the same time his life is turned around when an un suspected visitor from his past re appears and attempts to blackmail him. Lastly half way through the film we meet Warrick Duke another lawyer within the District Attorneys office and best friend to Ryan. His wife has left him and he’s raising his teenage daughter on his own.  He feels as though his life is on repeat and he is growing more an more unfulfilled with his loveless life. Throughout we get to see the evolution of Warrick as he meets a crush from high school and his life is reignited.

Character Breakdown:

Ms.Erica: (40-55) African American, Female,-  A black woman in her mid 50's. She's a single hard working mother of 3 sons, a Sunday school teacher at New Hope under Bishop Waynes for 25 years. She has a son in Prison, one who's in the streets, and her baby boy who is on the fast track to college. Her oldest son Sammy Jr. has been in Prison for 15 years on Drug related charges. Her middle son Michael has found himself following in his big brothers footsteps, he's in and out of jail, and he's taken to the lifestyle of making fast dirty money. Her baby boy is the epitome of a golden child, a Senior in High School he's smart, well mannered, and well on his way to Howard University, more importantly he's the complete opposite of his brothers. Her children even the two with their shortcomings are her heart.

Ryan: (28-35) African American, Male, - Is an extremely successful 36 year old Lawyer and father of 3. He's a man who seemingly has it all he's a tall, handsome, and physically attractive man. He came up as a relatively privileged kid, he went to the finest schools, had all the nicest clothes, and was also popular as he was the star of his high school and college baseball teams. His father Charles Beal was a Supreme court Justice for the State of Georgia for 20 years, and Ryan grew up idolizing his father wanting to be just like him. However Ryan has an issue he's been dealing with almost his entire life, its something that is about to hit its head and send Ryan into an abyss of figuring out who he is.

Warrick: (28-35), African American, Male - Best friend to Ryan and is himself a rather successful 36-year-old trial lawyer at the district attorneys office. He's an average sized fair skinned man with a smile like no other. However the pain behind his glowing smile is something he’s spent the last couple of years trying to forget.

Times, dates & locations:

Audition dates, times, and location are TBD.


Please send headshots, resume, and reel to for audition details!

City: Atlanta
Submission Deadline: April 15, 2018
Contact Name: Chris

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